Wave One: WikiHow founder Jack Herrick

It’s the 165th most visited site in the world. Jack Herrick, founder and CEO, is also the former owner of eHow, the 19th most visited site in the world. In the video below you’ll discover how wikiHow grows itself with almost zero dollars spent on sales and marketing.

You’ll get four questions to ask yourself to see if you’re in the right business and Jack shares the personality trait in a team member that is the single best indicator of high performance. As Jack Herrick shares the pitfalls and triumphs of starting a user guided software business, you’ll gain years of powerful insights.

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How does a company go from a single entrepreneur or partnership working out of his/her home to building amazing software, teams, and systems that make it all come together? We ask Jack the very questions needed to answer just that, and you’ll be surprised at what we unwrap. In part 2 he shares specific tools, ideas, and processes he’s using to drive over 30 million people to his website every month.

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